We're Committed to Improving Your Internet Experience by Respecting Your Decisions
Paypopup.com firmly believes that every individual who uses the internet should be allowed to make informed choices with respect to their individual privacy. And as a community, respecting those individual decisions will ultimately improve the experience for all of us 

PayPopUp therefore provides you with the option of preventing our pop-up windows from appearing in your browser. First, our opt-out system will attempt to erase all previous cookies from PayPopUp, if any exist. We then place one cookie on your computer that will identify your browser as being opted-out of the PayPopUp program

Before deciding, please read the PayPopUp Privacy Statement click here

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If you have an account at PayPopUp and want to remove your data from our database completely. Please email us at support@paypopup.com. Please provide us your email address and your PayPopUp username in order to identify you in the Opt-Out process.